Create your Own Brokerage Company

Optimal start of your business in 30 days.
Watch the video and get to know how

If you decided to open a brokerage company only yesterday, you can make it happen already today.

Due to accumulated experience of best brokerage companies on the market and the most progressive technologies, B2Broker offers you not just a service to start your own business but optimum strategy for your brand new company’s performance.

B2Broker team has developed 3 packages to launch your business

While creating, we took into consideration mistakes by brokerage companies and investors
We targeted the most important aspects of business:
  • Products and their quality
  • Price
  • Launch period
  • Return on investments
  • Best practices on market
  • Market benchmarking for substitutes
  • Our team’s innovate experience
  • Successful cases of our clients
Startup Bundle
Full launch term: 30 days

Legal and financial services

Non-regulated jurisdiction company registration with European payment agent and two payment systems integration

Landing Page

Best for:
Best for novice investors that consider establishing their own brokerage business. Minimal bundle of complete solutions that will help a new businessperson to establish own company just in a month.
Advanced package
Full launch term: 45 days

Legal and financial services

Tier 3 license, opening of bank account in Tier 2 bank, three Payment Systems integration

2 landing pages of different formats

Best for:
Businesspersons, that know forex market brokerage, have their own clients database and perhaps have worked as agents or IBs.
Enterprise package
Full launch term: 60 days

Legal and financial services

European license and opening of bank account in European bank, four Payment System integration

3 landing pages of different formats

Best for:
Investors considering global FX brokerage establishment. A bundle of products and services for creation of a leading brokerage company in the field of customer service and inner infrastructure.

How much does your own brokerage cost?

Legal services
Legal services $250 000* *with obtaining CYSEC license
Trader’s room
Trader’s room $357 000 Plateforme de trading
Trading platform
Trading platform $199 000
Liquidity $30 000
Website $20 000
CRM $10 000
B2Broker will save you $840 000 on creating your own brokerage company!

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