Cryptocurrency Exchange Software

The cryptocurrency exchange is both a new and popular business in the cryptocurrency industry

Every day more and more people are becoming involved in the cryptocurrency industry. The profitability of cryptocurrency exceeds the profitability of traditional financial instruments hundreds of times, and the market is constantly growing. According to our estimates, the market for crypto exchanges is just starting to develop normally, although it has actually existed quite a long time since 2010.

Unlike cryptocurrency and forex brokers, cryptocurrency exchanges often use the software solution written in-house, and not by the leading vendors of trading platforms, so 80% what is available in the market is a rush job with unreliable software. Therefore, the growth potential is huge and it will grow even further as the crypto industry develops. Traditional stock brokers and forex brokers lose markets and customers – according to our estimates this trend will continue for at least two or three years.

Among the potential clients of the exchanges are ICO-projects, the number of which is growing, and hard-forks of cryptocurrencies which act as issuers of hundreds of new coins.

You have a great chance to capture a market niche and start a business in one of the fastest growing industries in the world!

Distinctive features of crypto exchanges:

  • A professional platform for trading / exchanging with the physical supply of an asset
  • Client cabinet with functions of two-factor authentication, KYC system
  • Integration with 10 popular blockchain and all tokens of the standard ERC-20
  • Robot market maker complete with stock exchange
  • Listing of coins and tokens within 5 minutes
  • Rest API / FIX API
  • Integration with 7 different external sources of liquidity
  • Integration with a cryptocurrency gateway to automate the reception and payment of coins to customers
  • Segregated cold storage wallets with multi-signature for customer funds protection

With a practical implementation example for testing, you can check the


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