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Brokerage business does not tolerate dilettantism. We are responsible for our company’s competitiveness and success in the modern world of financial trading, thus we offer good quality of our services like Trading platform, Trader’s room, technical support, product line, pricing, spreads and even more.

Package offers White Label from the company B2Broker – it is a win to win option for the brokerage company, regardless of the scale, scope or business model.

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Trading platform

Trading platform –  is the main working tool of the trader, therefore, brokers primarily focus on their target audience (traders). Professional investors already have a clear idea of ​​what the trading platform should be, and they choose a broker who can offer an advanced tool with advanced capabilities and rich functionality. Beginners prefer a popular product, which is intuitive and easy to learn, so that they can start trading right now without wasting time on learning it.

That’s why we offer our customers a real choice of four unique platforms, targeting different groups of traders.

Metatrader 4 is the most popular trading platform in the world.

It appeared 11 years ago and still holds a leading position – more than 80% of traders work on this platform, over 600 brokers and banks offer MT4 as an integrated trading tool for working in financial markets.

Key features of MetaTrader4:

  • Multicurrency
  • Multilanguage support
  • Economy and productivity
  • Reliability and safety
  • Open interfaces (MetaTrader 4 API)
  • Web Trading

MetaTrader 5 is the latest development of MetaQuotes,

MT5 is the leader in the market of trading solutions for brokers. It focuses primarily on professional traders. If you are focusing on innovative technologies, advanced functionality, efficiency and scalability, MT5 should be your choice.

Using MetaTrader5, your customers will get the opportunity:

  • To create robots and experts in minutes
  • To see the depth of the market due to the “glass”
  • To analyze the market with the latest built-in indicators
  • To work on dozens of world exchanges already integrated into the platform

XStation 5 is a new generation trading platform, awarded many industry awards.

This is one of the unique tools on the market that takes into account the needs of both beginners and professional traders. If your customers prefer mobility and flexibility, and also want to be able to trade independently and also copy the strategies of successful investors, offer them xStation 5.

Main functions of xStation 5:

  • Social Trading
  • Copy-trading
  • Multy-ordering (the ability to work with multiple orders at once)
  • Maximum flexibility of settings and cross-platform
  • Wide analytical functionality

CTrader is an innovative trading platform for the foreign exchange market and CFD with access to ECN and instant execution of transactions in one click.

The platform cTrader is oriented on experienced players, however, thanks to the friendly interface it is suitable for beginners who want to use a professional tool.

The main advantages of cTrader:

  • High speed execution
  • Access to information about the depth of the market (“price glass”)
  • Wide range of technical indicators
  • Liquidity of the second level
  • Instant trading directly from graph in one click

A new generation of DMA liquidity

Liquidity is, perhaps, one of the most important aspects in the broker's work.

Everything depends on liquidity:

  • The quality and speed of transaction execution
  • The fault tolerance and competitiveness of spreads
  • The customer loyalty
  • That is why it is so important for a broker to choose a reliable liquidity provider.

Our company offers a unique DMA-liquidity, which has already helped many brokers stand out against the competitors and succeed. What’s the secret?

We receive liquidity from 17 World banks
  • We offer a single marginal account in the Integral system, which aggregates liquidity from more than 200 major financial institutions from around the world
  • Our prime broker is MIG Bank. The basis of our liquidity is OCX Integral Liquidity (Deep Dark Pool)
  • Performance speed is 0,07 sec.
  • Direct access to institutional liquidity through the largest ECN
  • Absence of requotes and “last look” (revision of the transaction after its execution)
  • Anonymous trading and access to 10 levels of market depth
  • We offer:5 asset classes: 78 currency pairs и 18 metals, 3 energies, 20 indexes and 10 commodities. 200+ tools, 100% DMA / STP, access to 10+ best FX liquidity providers and 80 major and minor derivatives and commodities exchanges
  • Possibility to place orders at any level of the book
  • Ultra-fast quality performance (less than 3 milliseconds)
  • Full openness and transparency of work through True STP-DMA
  • Trading on B2Broker Liquidity is possible through the B2Broker Liquidity platform, MT4 bridge, MT5 bridge and FIX API (Java, FIX, .Net)
  • “Fill or Fill” execution model – this model operates without requotes with the possibility of positive slippage with Ultra low latency for all traded volumes (from 0.01 lot to 1000 lots)
  • 100% Post-trade transparency in accordance with VFSC regulation
  • We host our system in Equnix NY4, so we may offer the possibility of a colocation

Trader's room

The Trader’s room is an excellent conversion tool for the broker, which helps to interaction with the traders.

Here, a potential customer can quickly register, perform operations in one click, solve problems, and receive information support.

The Trader’s room from B2Broker has all necessary functionality for the brokerage company. In addition, it integrated with all trading platforms that we offer within the White Label packages.

You can:

  • Register users in minutes
  • Maintain a secure database of user data
  • Conduct a client through the conversion chain ( starting from account opening and finishing to replenishment)
  • Communicate with users online, answer questions and provide support
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The B2Broker package offer saves you time and money. You get the most flexible customizable solutions to meet your needs and your customers’ requests with minimal time and initial investment.

We offer you the opportunity to be effective, make the right choice, save time and money with the White Label package.

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